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The joker and the thief tabs

The joker and the thief tabs

If Bruce blows his cover, she is released by the Pact and watches as they try to execute him in one of Mr. Bruce agrees with her and attacks Harvey. Allegorically, this is the meaning of Jewish detachment and alienation according to the Coens. With no other way of executing her, the Pact place her in one of Riddler's traps to hold her whilst they attack the blacksite. Deciding to attack Selina, Bruce stepped in and tried to prevent her from coming to harm. Indeed, while Fink acts like he has a great big hard-on for the working man, he cannot even be bothered to take interest in the perennial prole sport, but luckily a jovial fat bastard will soon give him so much needed pointers.

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WOLFMOTHER - Joker and the Thief (Bass Cover WITH Tabs)

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The joker and the thief tabs

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