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Lahwf corny jokes 2

Lahwf corny jokes 2

It's my tolerance of idiots that needs working on. It's a youtube channel of funny hidden camera prank videos where a guy called Andrew Hales goes up to strangers in the street or on a university campus and does all sorts of random things such as trying to hug, kiss or mock them, awkwardly laughing or singing, getting people to finish singing songs, telling corny jokes, quoting movies, waving at people, staring at people, trying to pick up girls, telling people what to do, and one of my favourites, complimenting people loudly. In fact, his pranks have gotten him in trouble with the law. Vale has appeared on Lopez Tonight and pulled pranks on celebrities at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards. Now they drink like their fathers.

Lahwf corny jokes 2

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Telling People Corny Jokes 3

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