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Political jokes about boehner

Political jokes about boehner

Patrick McHenry, currently the chief deputy whip, recalls how, on his first day in Congress in , Boehner walked into the cloakroom and spotted him eating an ice cream sandwich. At the time most of us used tobacco products. After the golf outing, and a reception in the clubhouse, Boehner hopped in his customized golf cart—a retirement gift from his congressional colleagues—and zipped across three moonlit fairways and into his driveway. But the debt-ceiling mess was only a taste of things to come—DeMint would later haunt Boehner as president of The Heritage Foundation, whose lobbying arm, Heritage Action, pressured GOP lawmakers into defying the speaker at every turn. Packers game in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Political jokes about boehner

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DeMint Jokes About Forcing Boehner Out

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Scheme all of these monetary promises, can you towards believe he has puffed smoking. Coming on The Federalist Profits.


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