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Dragon ball master roshi funny

Dragon ball master roshi funny

DBZ is well-known for its filler, and while some say that the slow build-up is worth it for the pay-off of the big moments, Super captures that build-up without ever feeling rushed. Thankfully, it took a sharp right turn and made it clear that Roshi is finally able to control these impulses, allowing him to properly confront and beat the female warrior from Universe 4. Tien Shinhan Saga Main article: Give or take a few minor details, the Buu Saga also follows a similar pattern. Fortunately, Goku intervened and saved him with his Power Pole. Super flits from poor and often surreal animation one week to perfectly crisp animation the next, which is expected from a series that rolls out weekly episodes, but falls well short of modern anime standards. Satan carries Vegeta's limp body aside.

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Dragon ball master roshi funny

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