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Golf joker 1998

Golf joker 1998

Both editions also included special seats, and fog lights. The diesel model was only produced for the European market and was not sold in the UK. The release knob on the hand brake was also red and silver instrument dials. In a series of follow up letters to various entities at Volkswagen, the total number of Harlequins is reported variously from , all offered solely for model year , in the United States, Canada, [7] and Mexico — with most marketed in the United States. Floor mats also had red piping along their edges. The resulting Harlequins were designated by their 'base' color, the paint color of the welded panels comprising the core body — including the substructure, roof and C-pillar. Unfortunately many of the models fell into the UK company car and lease market prior to the second-hand market and its believed only a few hundred still survive.

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Golf joker 1998

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