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Christiaan barnard fun facts

Christiaan barnard fun facts

Three years after his return to South Africa, he was appointed Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the teaching hospitals at the University of Cape Town. In , he flew to Moscow in order to meet Vladimir Demikhov , a top expert on organ transplants [18] later he credited Demikhov's accomplishment saying that "if there is a father of heart and lung transplantation then Demikhov certainly deserves this title. All of this served as preparation for his human heart transplant. In he got divorced and in married Barbara Zoellner. In , Barnard married Karin Setzkorn, a young model, forty years junior to him. These advances, combined with other techniques perfected in the s, enabled a surgeon for the first time to operate upon a heart that was motionless and free of blood.

Christiaan barnard fun facts

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Christiaan Barnard

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