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Cowra fun run 2017

Cowra fun run 2017

Rock climbing, jumping on trampolines and bushwalking were some of the activities on Thursday. We are meeting in Brougham Park at The privileges of a Gold Card may include: Thank you to the teachers and the Wyangala staff for everything! I know from a history perspective, the value of this excursion will be enormous, but I am particularly excited about what it will provide for our students in terms of their development as world citizens. Setting up the tents was probably the funniest part because we saw roofs flying off, tents falling down and some people were still looking for their tent. Importantly, the parade is an opportunity for Cowra High students to show our commitment to the Cowra community.

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Sangai Run Half Marathon and Festival 2017 at Loktak, Manipur.

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Cowra fun run 2017

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