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Funny voices for sat navs

Funny voices for sat navs

All of them are done with voice actors imitating the originals, but they are pretty good and give you some more variety to consider. Eddie Izzard The comedian has shown an aptitude for travelling great distances on foot, running 43 marathons in 51 days, but for those who would rather travel by car he is also available as a sat nav download. The Sex and the City actress speaks in the style of her character, Samantha, and has become one of the biggest selling celebrity sat nav voices. The star of the original A Team series, replaced by cage fighter "Rampage" Jackson in the new film, may be more famous for his brawn than his brains but any driver with the courage to avoid his "jibba jabba" would be a fool indeed. For Garmin instructions for downloading and adding voice files, see here. They would be advised to keep the sound low to avoid permanent ear damage from the classically trained actor, who is famed for having a voice of unrivalled volume. Pig Tones Pig Tones has nothing for free, but does offer some rather cheap voices.

Funny voices for sat navs

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Morgan Freeman's Voice on Waze

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