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French joker transfer

French joker transfer

The German football league announced an extension of the January deadline to 2 February. An existing loan deal can be made permanent at any time outside the transfer window. Wenger argued that the transfer was unfair because United and Chelsea had already played each other twice during the season, but United would still have to play Arsenal, and said that "the rules should be adapted more for fairness". Fifa's Players' Status Committee will also reconsider proposals by the Football League for clubs in the First, Second and Third Divisions to be exempt from the transfer window. I think it was better before, but then I am old". The worldwide enforcement of the transfer window system has drawn criticism this summer, with English clubs notably opposed to its introduction. The new regulations follow a decision by Fifa's executive committee last week that any player who is sent off will have to serve an immediate one-match ban with no right of appeal.

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French joker transfer

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