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Shaggy dog story jokes

Shaggy dog story jokes

The clown then says, "Well, there's one end of the horse, but where's the other? I could see how the rope moved like a cobra, maybe 30 feet coiled in the dust and ready to lash out. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cosy winter nights lying by the fire. He continued to inform the traveler that while he was poor now he could, when he thought he was ready, participate in a kind of rite of passage and become a knight. So he packed up what he thought we would be the best selling product — Fresca — and set sail for Africa to try and sell it. The head monk opened a door leading to another spiral staircase leading to the room at the very top of the tower.

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Shaggy Dog Stories

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Shaggy dog story jokes

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  1. You want to blame anything and everyone for the fucked up White world devastation we live in yet none of you dare touch the WASPs.

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