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Kerala politics funny

Kerala politics funny

Since the early s these two coalitions have alternated in government with neither Front able to gain re-election for a second term. Sankar of Congress became Chief Minister. After the election, no party was able to form a government due to the fractured nature of results. The situation has changed a lot, the society is now much more tolerant to change, especially in the cities. Regional parties[ edit ] Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a communist leader Indian Union Muslim League , is a powerful pro-Muslim community oriented party, which was started as Muslim League prior to partition of India, yet decided to retain their allegiance to India after partition, when the original Muslim League went to Pakistan. Both the INC and the CPI M have accused the other of corruption, promoting or condoning political violence, and "the general breakdown of law and order" during their periods in government. Coalition politics[ edit ] Constituencies of Kerala with district boundaries The first coalition government in Kerala was formed in and was headed by Pattom A.

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