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Kunta kinte funny

Kunta kinte funny

While playing a hard-working middle-aged father of three on the show, in real life Amos was only 34 when the show began, only eight years older than the actor who played his oldest son Jimmie Walker and 19 years younger than his screen wife Esther Rolle. Amos disagreed about the writers emphasizing J. Networks poured money into the productions and reached huge numbers of viewers around the world. Despite the resounding success of the miniseries and the profound effect on audiences, acting roles for African-Americans would remain scarce in the late s. Amos played an Archie Bunker -style character for the sitcom Hauser which was a modern spin-off of All In The Family , but this series was cancelled after only five episodes in the series he played a different character than he played in the All in the Family spin-off Maude. Poe is also buried in Baltimore's Westminster Cemetery.

Kunta kinte funny

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