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Movie funny face audrey hepburn

Movie funny face audrey hepburn

Avedon himself was hired as the movie's visual consultant, and his photographs are seen in the opening segment and throughout the sequences set in Paris. She also did her own dancing, calling upon her childhood ballet training in three numbers. The marriage lasted just five years; by the time "Funny Face" was made, she was re-married, to director Don Siegel "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," and later, "Dirty Harry". Besides Best Costume Design, the film earned Oscar nominations for its cinematography, its art direction, and Gershe's screenplay. Thompson, who usually worked behind the scenes as a musical director for films, makes a rare appearance on camera as Maggie Prescott, a fashion magazine editor loosely based on Diana Vreeland. Gershe had served with Avedon in the Merchant Marines and knew the story of how Avedon had met and married his wife, Dorcas Nowell.

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Funny Face (1957) - "Funny Face" Song - Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire (3 of 10)

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The declare received four Academy Run "Tempo" exchanges:

Movie funny face audrey hepburn

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