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Plate tectonics funny

Plate tectonics funny

Some land would be moved into warmer parts of the globe, while others would move into colder ones. The earth certainly deems destined for major changes in its future, but over the course of millions of years, rather than overnight or in the course of weeks or months. Based on what has happened in the past, it is possible to envisage the future movements of the continents. But even though scientists know where continents get bigger, plate tectonic models have never fully explained the how. And what about those movies in the nineties about asteroid impacts, not to mention the writings of Nostradamus? Despite the opinion of scientists and archaeologists, Fingerprints of the Gods has sold in excess of three million copies and been translated into many different languages. Finally, the boundary stretches out and reconnects, forming a long subduction zone behind the new piece of continent.

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Plate tectonics funny

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