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Purim torah funny

Purim torah funny

In addition, the history of legal interpretation in Jewish law is not unlike that of other legal systems in that judges ultimately must apply the laws to real-life situations and are thus forced to define the terms in a way that will make sense within the framework of their codes, case law and social reality. Rav Chaim Schmuelewitz says that this is the meaning behind the opinion that did not want Megilat Esther to be canonized metamei yadayim. In the course of that debate the minority who forbid women from wearing tallit and tefillin do not cite this interpretation or this verse as proof of their position. My own observation - On Yom Kippur it is a mitzah to fast, yet this is preceded by a day on which it is a mitzvah to feast. There is much speculation surrounding the origin of the shtreimel. Men may not shave their armpits and genital regions as women do unless it is customary locally for men to do that.

Purim torah funny

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Funny Purim act London 2012

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