Interior and Exterior Door Options

Panels have an important structural and aesthetic role in the design of a door. Furthermore, today’s exterior and interior doors come in a wide range of panel materials, sizes, and designs. Here’s all you need to know about panel doors to make the best decision for your house or project.

What is the definition of a panel door?

True panel doors are made up of a variety of components, including stiles, rails, panels, and more.

Let’s start with a brief discussion of door construction. White doors have traditionally been made up of several distinct components that are joined together to form the familiar shape of a door. The horizontal parts that create the top and bottom of the door are top and bottom rails (and, in certain cases, one or more middle rails). The vertical components on the far left and far right of the door are called stiles. A mullion is a vertical connecting component in the centre of the door. The panels, the solid elements that make up the majority of the door, are contained inside the framework of the stiles and rails (and occasionally mullions).

True panel doors vs. doors with a paneled appearance

True panel doors are made up of a variety of components, including stiles, rails, panels, and more. However, many doors have one-piece surfaces or skins on the fronts and backs. They have the appearance of finished panel doors, yet there are no separate “surface” components. This is especially useful for outside doors, which are frequently exposed to the weather for long periods of time.

True panel or panel-look doors are the most common options. Flush doors, on the other hand, have a flat, solid surface with no visible stiles, rails, or panels (although some can include glass inserts). Wood veneers that can be embossed to seem like woodgrain and stained or painted are commonly used in flush doors. They’re perfect for utilitarian locations like closets because of their simplicity. Detailed flush doors, such as those in our StudioTM Collection interior doors, have a contemporary appearance that makes them stand out in any application.

Architectural style, interior and exterior panel doors

The number of panels and their arrangement within the door give the door its design and help define which architectural style(s) the door suits in both interior and exterior doors. Here are some door and architectural style samples.

Panel doors for the exterior

More than 100 alternative panel designs are available on each of our Design-ProTM and Smooth-ProTM fiberglass entry doors.

Panel exterior doors come in a variety of materials. Choose the proper material for you, and you’ll have a plethora of panel entry door choices.

Steel entry doors come in a variety of panel-look designs, with or without glass, ranging from conventional to contemporary. Steel panel doors are an excellent alternative for house entry remodels on a budget since they are both durable and secure.

In addition, we have a large selection of fiberglass panel style entry doors in a variety of price levels. Fiberglass is resistant to dents, fractures, warping, and splitting, so you can rely on its beauty and function for many years. For the warm appearance of a real wood door, choose a smooth surface for the look of painted wood or a woodgrain or textured surface for the look of real wood. Our Design-ProTM and Smooth-ProTM fiberglass entry doors each have over 100 different panel designs, and our IWP® Aurora® fiberglass exterior doors not only come in a variety of panel door styles (from contemporary to Old World), but they can also be customized in a variety of ways, including design, woodgrain, stain color, character marks, glass, and metal accents.

Do you want your front door to be made of real wood? We’ve got your back. Our Authentic Wood entry doors come in a variety of panel door configurations (all-panel, solid/glass panel, etc.). Consider JELD-WEN® IWP® Wood exterior doors, which come in a selection of wood species, finishes, glass options, and ornamental accents and come in over 150 distinct wood panel designs with bespoke possibilities.

Interior doors with panels

Smooth or woodgrain textured surfaces are available on molded door designs.

Interior doors from JELD-WEN® come in a startling variety of panel door designs and panel configurations.

Interior panel doors from the MODA® Collection have authentic stile and rail construction. Solid panels, clear glass, translucent glass, or even mirror panels can be used to create your desired door style. MODA’s versatility allows you to select a single door design and utilize it throughout the house, including solid panels where seclusion is most important, clear or translucent glass where light is desired, and adding a mirror panel to the inside of bathroom or closet doors if desired.

TRIATM wood composite interior doors come in a variety of panel designs. The TRIA collection is divided into three series: the C-Series, which focuses on raised panels with a carved look; the L-Series, which focuses on the clean lines of traditional flat panel doors; and the R-Series, which focuses on raised panels with dramatic curves and different molding possibilities. While most TRIA doors have panels composed of the same composite material, a reverse full-panel with a mirror, chalkboard, or dry erase insert is available on various TRIA designs. Glass can be used instead of a solid panel in several R-Series models.

All-panel types, French door alternatives with glass and divided lites, and louver panel styles that offer ventilation are all available in our Authentic Wood interior doors (great for closets and enclosed laundry areas).