16 Reason Why You Are Not Getting Instagram Likes

“How come I don’t have any likes on Instagram?” A straightforward inquiry with a complicated solution. You are not alone if you have found yourself asking this question repeatedly. In fact, it’s one of our clients’ most often requested questions. But why are there so many people in the same boat? There are several causes for this. And, to be honest, it’s not so much about the lack of likes that people are having. Because of Instagram’s expanded toolbox of metrics, you’re probably getting results in a different way. While you may be familiar with the concept of likes, these new insights can be far more useful than a simple heart on a post.

When I stand back from the situation, it’s clear that we’ve been conditioned to measure success in terms of likes on social media posts, particularly on Instagram. It’s difficult not to see your social value in the number of individuals that double-tap to endorse your content, whether you’re posting to your personal brand or your corporate profile. But, to be honest, I don’t think Instagram likes are that important. This is why.

Instagram’s Algorithm in 2021: New Rules

For a long time, Facebook and buy instagram views have been moving away from likes. In reality, many social media users are no longer aware of the number of likes on their posts. The changes to these algorithms over the last year have made it much harder to earn likes, thanks to that massive overhaul.

It’s also worth noting how popular Instagram and Facebook stories have grown. Users can’t like content, which adds yet another stumbling block to gauging commercial success on the platform.

The Instagram algorithm for how it shows and ranks feed posts is influenced by six criteria, according to Instagram:

1. Engagement – The algorithm prefers content that has a high level of engagement. Comments, likes, reshares, saves, and video views are the best types of engagements. Likes are important, but they aren’t everything.

2. Relationship – Instagram displays material that users believe is most relevant to them (for example: friends, family). It’s crucial to connect with others as a business profile to create relationships and ensure that Instagram prioritizes your material. You can do so by following these steps:

  • Likes on other people’s posts
  • Observing the lives and stories of other users
  • Within the app, you can search for people.
  • Direct communication with your audience

3. Posting frequency – When was the last time you posted? This is significant to Instagram since they strive to emphasize the best of the finest material available at any given time. You can go around the algorithm by figuring out when the optimal time is to post for your company. This will also improve your engagement.

4. Frequency – Do you use the app frequently? People who use Instagram frequently will see a version of their feed that is more chronological. The platform’s first feed posts are usually the ones it thinks you’ll enjoy the best.

5. Following – If you follow a lot of accounts, Instagram will show you more posts because it has more to pick from. The mere fact that someone follows you does not guarantee that they will notice your message. To improve the ranking of your posts, try eliminating inactive followers.

6. Usage – If a user spends enough time on the app, they can see all of the information they follow. When they run out of new stuff to follow, the platform will recommend other accounts to follow. If a user isn’t active very often, they may only see a few of the posts from that day.

The Metrics You Need to Know About Instagram Insights

So, if likes aren’t important, what is? On Instagram, likes don’t reveal the whole story. In fact, Instagram has released a toolkit to help us understand what’s going on behind the scenes. These tools are superior than likes in that they indicate where a prospect is in the buyer’s journey. The activity that requires the least amount of work is a like. Other metrics might provide you with a wealth of information.

Here are a few facts about Instagram that will help you see the broader picture:

  • Link Clicks Comments Shares
  • Bookmarks/Saves \sReach \sImpressions
  • Followers \sComments

New Instagram comments indicate that your posts are gaining traction. People like your content so much that they want to tell you about it! This is critical since this is exactly what you want to see from a prospect’s perspective. You’ll also want to make sure you’re returning the favor by commenting. This will also enhance your involvement, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone!


Is your content being shared on Instagram stories? This is a fantastic approach to assess if your content is being received well. Even though an Instagram story only lasts 24 hours, if someone posts your post to their Instagram story, it shows it has a strong emotional connection with them. So much so that they want to tell their friends and followers about it!


The ability to “bookmark” or save a post within the Instagram app is one of my favorite features. For example, I save recipes to my folder so that I can refer to them when I’m in need of some culinary inspiration. Likewise, your followers and prospects may be bookmarking your posts or videos for future reference. This is more crucial than a like because it indicates that consumers found your material useful and want to keep it in mind. You might be amazed at how many saves your posts have received. Go take a look!

Clicks on Links

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to include links in your captions, it’s typical to direct visitors to your bio link for further information. If users complete this procedure, it shows that traffic is being directed as intended and that your social media methods are functioning. You can put links in your stories if you’re a verified Instagram user, and invite users to swipe up to access the web link. Make sure to look at your overall link clicks if you want to dig deeper into your data.


Do you have any idea how many people saw your Instagram post? It’s no longer natural to like a post now that Instagram has removed the amount of likes option for a big section of its users. However, just because someone didn’t like your post doesn’t mean they weren’t aware of it. And sometimes all it takes is catching a glimpse of something to perceive an opportunity.

This function will also assist you in determining your brand awareness. Examine your reach to see how you may expand the number of people who view your post. A low reach could indicate that you should evaluate your hashtag performance, posting time, and content genre. These are three factors that could explain why your post has gotten less engagement and is being hidden by Instagram.

The greater your reach, the greater the number of impressions you will receive. It indicates that whatever you upload is working with Instagram’s algorithm and being viewed by new and previous followers of your brand.


The distinction between impressions and reach is often misunderstood. In simple terms, reach refers to the number of unique views a post receives, whereas impressions refer to the overall number of views a post receives. Because a single Instagram user might see a post numerous times, your reach is usually lower than your impressions.

But which is the superior option? You should keep an eye out for impressions over reach as a business. By looking at how your post did, you’ll be able to get a better sense of your brand awareness. If people come back to it or see it shared in their feed by others, it shows you’re producing high-quality material that your audience wants to see.


This one is quite straightforward. You attracted their attention if a single feed post encouraged them to follow your account. When I’m looking at post insights, I also like to look at profile visits. This tells me that the stuff we shared was interesting enough for me to click over to your entire profile to learn more. Visits to profiles are also responsible for a rise in followers. If you’re getting more followers after releasing fresh content, you’re probably doing something well. It’s worth noting that your impressions may rise before your followers do, as not everyone will immediately follow you.

So, What Does All of This Mean?

While likes used to be everything on Instagram, the site is changing, and we must adapt as well. I hope you can find new ways to evaluate your marketing efforts using these new indicators. If you still need help turning social into sales, we’d be happy to assist you in developing a successful Instagram marketing strategy.