Become Better At Raid: Shadow Legends Game

Plarium Global Ltd. developed Raid Shadow Legends, an open-world RPG. The game offers 13 playable factions within the stunning world of Teleria. Choose between Darkness or Evil’s forces, with different perks and classes for each faction.

Plarium Global’s Raid Shadow Legends has epic raids and an intricate Guild System. There are also features like Daily Events, Quests and a wide-ranging character storyline that will keep you interested! The game currently has three seasonal events running. This shows that both the developers and the community are very active.

Utilize your Affinities:

Raid Shadow Legends’ RAID buffs and debuffs most important component is the Affinities. Affinities are an important part of Raid Shadow Legends because they determine which units are more effective at fighting against each other and how they interact overall.

You might consider combining your Champions with the Affinity. They are usually the strongest against. This will help increase your DPS output and allow you to use all your champions effectively. These are the Affinities that you need to know:

  • Magic (Blue). It beats Spirit, Green, and has a weakness for Force (Red.).
  • Spirit (Green). It beats Force and is weak to Magic.
  • Force Red:Beats Magic Blue and is weak to Spirit Green.
  • Void (Purple): Has no counter, no weakness.

Purple may seem to be the strongest affinity, but it is not able to serve against any other affinity. Treat it as a double-edged blade in most cases.

Keep an eye on your Resources:

Raid Shadow Legends offers a few currencies that you should be familiar with. Silver is the most common currency in Raid Shadow Legends. It is used to summon new Champions and for artifacts. Gems can be used to unlock the Mine and upgrade it, which will allow you to get Ancient Shards. Gems can be paid in currency, but are usually finite resources.

Energy is another resource that you must be aware of. Even the most basic tasks will require you to have more Energy. Energy is not something you can buy or farm. It recharges after a while. You can always get XP booster cards to help you get past these obstacles. This makes it less stressful to have downtime.

Master your Champions:

Masteries can only be attempted by Epic and Legendary Champions. All others will be ignored. Masteries in Raid Shadow Legends allow you to unlock a skill, or upgrade from one of three sections: Offense, Defense, or Support.

To unlock buffs, you require Scrolls. These scrolls can be bought at the shop or obtained by raiding Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Masteries are great for many reasons. They greatly enhance your Champion’s stature and make him an intimidating opponent. They also dictate the Champion’s overall gameplay direction, which helps them achieve their goal of being a better Champion.

It is a good idea to start Mastering champions that you feel will be there for you in your Late Game Roster. Do not rush to mastering if you are still unsure. There is a steep price associated with it.

Be More Effective!

Raid Shadow Legends is very focused on PvP. Although it sounds simple, Raid Shadow Legends constantly complicates the combat mechanics to make it more interesting. Keep your buffs close at hand when you’re battling. Try to cast them as quickly as possible before the time runs out.

Second, fight with Mastery heroes to increase your chances of winning. Most players can’t engage head-to-head with Mastery champions unless they are one. Combine your abilities to create powerful combinations.

Finally, consider your sets and synergies before you jump into a fight. Also, think about who you would be best against. This will help your guild or party to match you with people you can work with. It is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Mismatching or underestimating yourself could lead to your whole party falling apart right in front of you.

Equip the Most Beautiful Artifacts:

Raid Shadow Legends allows you to use Artifacts as buffs for each of your Champions. These Artifacts can be obtained by doing Quests, Campaign and later upgrading for Gold or Silver. Champions can only have 6 artifacts. You can get a greater buff if you combine sets.

The overall Set grants you an even greater buff if you wear it. The best buffs are usually granted by advanced sets, which require four. You will see an increase in stats and bonus effects as you upgrade your Artifacts. You should be careful about what you buy, as Artifacts can become quite costly later.

Remember that spells and items have cooldowns. This is why it can be very important to save them for the right enemy. Avoid spamming and save as much energy as possible.


Raid Shadow Legends is a consistent top-rated RPG with its unique content and sophisticated combat mechanics. It also offers replay value. As you level up, the game becomes more difficult as you compete against better opponents in both PvE or PvP.

You can still stay ahead of the curve if you follow these details and try to be patient when it comes to your resource allocations. As you know, accumulating Silver or Gold is difficult.