Mods for GTA 5 that are the best

You are looking for GTA 5 mods? There is more to mods than cheats and trainers. There are many useful modifications and tweaks that can make your game more enjoyable.

A word of caution. Many mods that use memoryhooks to modify the game’s basic mechanics are among these. You will quickly be banned if you try to play GTA Online with these mods installed. We recommend that you have a separate installation if you intend to switch between GTA Online and a modified GTA V single player experience. Before making any changes, be sure to backup all of your game files. Visit our GTARP server guide to learn how to spice up multiplayer and apply to become an NPC on a roleplaying server. You can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a vigilante grandma.

How do I install Grand Theft Auto V Mods

GTA V mods are very simple to install. Copy the mod files you downloaded to the main GTA V directory. If you’re using Steam, this will be the case.

Similar. You can also use the Steam version if you do not want to.

Some mods require more complex tools, such as Script Hook V. Open file, and locate the “bin” folder. These three files can be copied and pasted into your Grand Theft Auto V main directory. The mod download pages contain installation guides and, sometimes, full installers.

These mods might not work in every case, but you will have the best chance of installing them with the vanilla game base. If you aren’t paying attention, don’t attempt to join GTA Online with a modified version of the game. This is unless you’re a glutton who loves digital punishment. You can find GTA 5 Account Modding here.

Festive Surprise

The Festive surprise mod brings Christmas cheer to Los Santos. Trevor, Michael and Franklin each get a red Santa hat. There are also Christmas trees scattered around the map to help you get into the Christmas spirit.


Los Santos’ stunningly renovated streets will amaze you with their new weather and sky, as well as the variety of 4k textures thanks to V Redux. This is more than a visual upgrade. Redux involves tweaks in vehicle handling, a reconfigured police force and enhanced weapon feel and behavior, as well sophisticated NPC behavior.

World of Variety

World of Variety combines assets and vehicles from GTA Online into single-player GTA V. This creates a more vibrant and varied world. It also features fancy cars from the latest GTA V DLC.

ATM Robberies & Bank Heists

ATM Robberies & Bank Robberies are sure to satisfy your criminal appetites. This mod allows you to quickly inject funds into your bank account when it is low. Any of the 47 ATMs or 10 banks can be used to steal cash. To protect your cash, you’ll need to run to a safehouse.

Complex Control

This mod changes gameplay and places you in the position of an Avatar procedurally generated. NPCs must be defeated on a shrinking map. Do you sound familiar? Complex Control is a challenging and exciting addition to the game. It was inspired by the best Battle Royale Games.

The Simpsons Springfield Police Pack

Police are often seen as being the ones who keep order in chaotic cities. This doesn’t have to be the case. The Simpsons Springfield Police Pack is a replacement for the fuzz’s vintage cars, and subs them to Springfield vehicles. There is no Chief Wiggum.

GTA Basic Needs

It is obvious that you should not be playing PC games but survival sims. This is evident from Steam’s ‘New’ tab. GTA V can be made a survival-game with the addition of Basic Needs. It is important to have fun as well as eat well and sleep well. So make sure you keep your eyes open, take naps, and enjoy the game.

GTA Fuel Script V

Make your urban sandbox more real by making vehicles use fuel. You won’t get to chase wild animals if you don’t have enough fuel.

GTA 5 Trucking Missions

Euro Truck Simulator has been a favorite game on the PC. It shows that people love to do mundane tasks without any pay. Trucking Missions bring Euro Truck and its joy to Los Santos and the surrounding area. It is because of lax gun laws and the meth-head population that it is much more dangerous/exciting than Europe’s motorways.

Red House missions and heists

Grand Theft Auto V offers many missions. You will eventually run out. Modders can help you keep stocked. There are more than 20 missions in the Red House, including assassinations and clean-outs of gangs.

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GTA Car Jetpacks

In 2020, we still don’t have flying cars. This is a problem in reality, but not in virtual Los Santos, where you can attach jetpacks to cars. It is possible to ignore traffic jams while still getting there on time.


GTA V feels almost like an RPG due to its rich storyline, large world, and length. You can swap between genres with this GTA Mod. This mod adds a questing system and a character creator to the game. It also branches dialogue trees.

GTA Iron Man armour

Los Santos is not a place you have to drive. You can instead put on exoskeleton armor to fly high into space. Iron Man armour makes it possible to achieve exactly this feat. It’s useful for gang warfare because it has repulsor bombers in its chest, palms and hands. If the war escalates, you can upgrade to the Hulkbuster version.

R*enhancer Photorealism

Icenhancer was GTA IV’s champion mod. This graphical mod made Liberty City appear genuinely real. The R*enhancer lighting upgrade can achieve a similar effect in GTA V. It adjusts atmospheric effects to improve car reflections. This really enhances the experience.

GTA Funny Vehicles

No one wants to drive a regular car in GTA 5, no matter how fast. In real life, you can do it. We would like to drive a DeLorean DMC-12 speed car, a Batmobile and a Flintstones thing. These cars and many others can be driven by copying and pasting just a few files.