Which Are The Most Popular Sex Toys?

Living in modern times is a great thing. There are plenty of options for sex toys and places to purchase them. They are available in big-box retailers and chain drugstores alike. A simple Amazon search for “vibrator”, which is part of Amazon’s Sexual Wellness Store category, returns more than 10,000 results.

This convenience is a big step forward, compared to a decade ago. However, it can be difficult to sort through all the options and read the online reviews.

We are cutting through the noise. So that you can make informed decisions when shopping for your next accessory, we went to some of the biggest adult retailers around the globe. We asked them about their top-selling sex toys. We see it this way: millions of satisfied customers cannot be wrong.

Je Joue

Why it is so popular: Dan Jackson, Je Joue’s head of marketing and sales, says that the Mimi Soft is subtle, ergonomic, and versatile. It’s the best compact vibrator on market. There are many options available, from gentle purrs to deep rumbles. This is the toy we use to introduce people to the brand. It never fails! It is also 100% medical-grade silicone so it’s safe for your body.

This is so amazing that …: Actress Gillian Anderson took to Twitter about it following a 2018 episode The X-Files relaunch, in which a robot maid discovers Agent Scully’s vibrator. Jackson said, “We sold out within minutes!”


Why it is popular: Stephanie Trachtenberg, spokesperson for PlusOne, says that the is small but powerful. She also cites accessibility as a major factor. “Fans love the fact that this product is available at Target and Walmart.”

It’s so amazing that …: She says, “It’s continually being restocked.” “We have sold more than 100,000 units this year.”

Wild Flower

Why it’s so popular: Amy Boyajian is the CEO of Wild Flower. The versatile design and variety of colors make this a great toy that can be used for all types of activities and bodies. All this for less than $50! Please!

It’s amazing that …: Boyajian answered all three questions during a Monday Sex Q&A session Wild Flower Instagram Stories. They described the VeDO Yumi to be a quiet toy, great to share with partners and a personal favourite. They said that within an hour of the original Story post, all stock they had was gone. “Since then, a few weeks back–we receive at least one DM a days asking us about VeDO Yumi.”

Customers don’t hesitate in following up with their customers: “We receive so many delighted DMs from VeDO Yumi about how it is living up to and exceeding our expectations.”

Good Vibrations

Why it’s so popular: “Like a Magic Wand, it has powerful, penetrating vibrations. This new, improved version, unlike the original, is rechargeable, cordless, has four intensities — low to medium to high and ultra — and four vibration patterns. [Has] a smooth silicon head,” Carol Queen, Ph.D., Good Vibrations staff sexologist. It’s strong, iconic and loved by many.

It’s amazing …: “Well for one, it was first sex toys to have their own Twitter feed,” she said. “Also the Magic Wand has been recommended by the most respected experts in sexuality for over 40 years, including Dr. Betty Dodson


Why it is popular: Polly Rodriguez, CEO at Unbound, says that the Bender stimulates both internally as well as externally and is very affordable at $59 Its flexible shape allows you to customize the vibrationator according to your needs and allow you experiment with new stimulation angles. It’s also waterproof, made of medical-grade silicone and rechargeable via USB, which are all qualities that our customers value in a vibe.

The Bender sells out so often that …: Rodriguez says, “One customer bought two of them because she needed one to charge while she’s using it.” The Bender sells so frequently that Unbound has to struggle to keep it on stock: “It was launched nine months ago and we have already sold more than 10,000.”


1 2nd Generation for its easy-to-use remote play capabilities,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. Its discreet, small size makes it the ideal wearable. Customers love the ease of connecting and the user-friendly OhMiBod Remote app. 1 the ability to vibrate to ambient sound, such as music at a club, concert, or in the privacy of your bedroom.”

It’s great that …: She says, “We are especially proud of the fact our troops in the military love the item so that it allows them to stay in touch with their loved ones no matter where they may be.”


Why it is popular: Megwyn White from Satisfyer, director of education, says that customers love this product because of its revolutionary, non-touch air-pulse technology. This activates powerful orgasms by indirectly stimulating the clitoris. She also mentions that it is “whisper quiet”, waterproof, rechargeable, and affordable.

It’s amazing that …: This product was the first in our line, and has been consistently at the top for more than two years,” White said.

Children of the Revolution, Inc.

Why it is so popular: Alicia Sinclair, COTR’s CEO and certified sex educator, says that “Le Wand Petite” is a product made by the people. We heard from customers that they wanted a classic style but in a smaller size and easier to carry. We were delighted to oblige and make sure that the petite version has all of the power we are known for.

“Le Wand Petite features 10 vibration intensities, multiple attachments to allow for internal and external play and a flexible head that avoids friction and overstimulation. These details create a product line that produces amazing sensations and feels luxurious when used.

It’s so amazing that …: Sinclair states, “Lots and lots of people consider Le Wand Petite an essential must-have because it’s such a great all over massage and pleasure tool.”


Why it is so popular: Johanna Rief from Womanizer, global head of communications, says that the device has two unique functions: Smart Silence (and Autopilot) and “It’s very quiet.” Smart Silence detects when the stimulator is near the skin. The stimulator switches on when it’s close and off when it’s far away. This allows the user to fully be present in the moment, without worrying about noise. Autopilot, a new function that seamlessly changes the stimulation pressure repeatedly, leaves you amazed by every air-pressure pulse.

“It was the first model with these extra functions and people love it. They were amazed at how we made the Womanizer even more useful. This is the feedback that we received the most.

“It’s so amazing that …:Jezabel Putride was a well-known sex and body positivity influencer in Europe. received a Womanizer Premium tattoo,” Rief said. This is the best ‘proof of love’ that we have ever received, and people have sent songs to us in the past.

Dame Products

Why it’s so popular: “What customers and media love about Eva II” says Alex Fine, CEO of Dame and cofounder. Eva II can be used in any situation and is hands-free.

Fun fact: Eva II was created by two women. CEO Fine studied clinical psychology. Chief technology officer Janet Lieberman, a mechanical engineer and MIT alumna, is CEO Fine.

It’s amazing that …: ” The original Eva is the most crowdfunded and funded sex toy ever, raising $547,000 in 45 days,” Fine said.


Why it is popular:Inspired from a speaker’s subwoofer and using sonic waves instead of a vibrating motor to transmit pulses deep inside the body, the SONA stimulates the entire clitoral system, not just the exterior.

It’s so amazing that …: ” Pleasure can be subjective and some users may prefer rumbly manual vibrations to the intense sound of sonic waves,” states Stuart Nugent, LELO brand manger. “But SONA has an alternative.

Museum of Sex New York City

Why it is popular: Kit Richardson, staff sex toy product tester at the Museum of Sex says that the We-Vibe Sync was designed to close the pleasure gap for women and redefine intimacy through innovation. The We-Vibe Sync, a wearable vibrator that can be worn during intercourse, provides hands-free clitoral stimulation as well as enhanced G-spot stimulation, is breaking the glass ceiling of orgasm.

The Sync is adjustable and molds to the wearer. It is also compatible with apps. You can pair it up with your favorite playlist to vibrate to the music or let your partner control the device from anywhere in the world. People love the fit and versatility of the Sync.

Richardson states that the We-Vibe Sync can be hard to keep in stock. The Sync is a great product that MoSex sells, and it is a consistent mover, regardless of whether someone is buying it for themselves or their partner.